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You will be delighted with the wide variety of International Travel Postcards, from Cameroon, Africa and the world. These cards are available for sale in select cities around the world. Acquire and use many of the lovely, inexpensive cards to keep in touch with friends and family (for all occasions). We all desire to keep in touch and because of our busy lives, postcards are the next best means after e-mail. Instead of projecting only the well known people and palaces, we have adopted a simple and diverse approach to showcasing ordinary people, places and life. The response has been great and we thank all who have lend support to this educational, artistic venture.

Farmers' Market
MENJI rural area in Lebialem, Cameroon is home of Mary Health of Africa Hospital, Seat of Wisdom College and other self reliant ventures by the Focolare and the Nweh people. DSCHANG - Cameroon: A weekly flea market with interesting bargains and haggling holds downtown around College Polyvalent. Dschang offers good living conditions, nice all year round weather and beautiful cultural attractions. CAMEROON Farmers' Market: Gari (tapioca) produced from cassava is abundant in hot areas like Muyuka and Mamfe. Temporary sheds are used for shelter. Transportation is by push trucks, taxis, bikes or head load.
GTC Kumba
Nkwe Dance
CAMEROON Govt. Technical College Kumba. One of the post secondary institutions in the SW Province. Education of youths in Arts, Science and Technology is top priority ETHNIC DANCE Nkwe-Lebialem jubilant, colorful, dancers with grace and elegance step in rhythmic styles around energetic drummers. Nkwe mask dancers arrive at the peak of the melody MEMORIAL Ceremony in Lebialem:  A cultural celebration at a family compound (home) in Fontem.  Family and friends are present to witness the historic occasion.
African Wildlife
Youth Festival
Youth dance
Under Construction
Under Const
AFRICAN Wild Life: Red carpet treatment for a beauty at a feast!  Where in the world are they?  Neither in Captivity, zoo, circus nor natural habitat.
AFRICA YOUTH FESTIVAL:  Talented, energetic teenagers perform a sacred rite.  Elders look on with pride as tradition survives despite mass youth migration to urban centers ...
UNDER CONSTRUCTION:  Fortunately fewer, fatal traffic accidents occur on farm-to-market roads than on major highways in Africa.  A cargo truck ...

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