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Innovative Practices is a well written book addressing many questions like: What does it take for teachers to “make it” in today’s demanding classrooms?   What constitutes success as teachers grapple with the current societal demands?  How do educators reconcile the competing roles of classroom discipline versus the ‘laissez faire’ attitude of some parents today?   These are just a few of the questions answered in the eleven chapters of the book.  The author and chapter contributors are experienced educators who have been preparing teacher education students for many years.

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Cover Type: Gloss paperback
Number of Pages: 214
Year Published: 2005
Publisher: Nkemnji Global Tech
ISBN:  0-9755261-1-1
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Innovative Practices in the Classroom
Dr. Christopher Atang
5507 Pipingwood Drive
Houston, Texas 77084

Tel: (281) 858-5494
An Excellent book for educators.  Highly recommended for: practicing and student teachers preparing for certificate exams, teacher education programs and school administrators.
Contents of the Book:
Chapter 1- Expanding and demanding roles of the teacher as a builder of knowledge.
Chapter 2 - Instructional Objective: A Silk Thread through the Maze of Teacher Planning. 
Chapter 3 - Lesson plans guided by stipulations of state and/or district standards
Chapter 4  - Philosophy and educational theories
Chapter 5  - State-of-the-art information on the use of technology in instruction.
Chapter 6 -  Electronic portfolios as builders of knowledge, values, and community. 
Chapter 7 - Service learning as a strategy that links schools and communities together,
Chapter 8 - Classroom management and conflict resolution techniques.
Chapter 9  - Evaluation, measurement and assessment in teaching.
Chapter 10 - State Certification Tests requirements for Beginning Teachers.
Chapter 11 -  ADEPT Performance Dimensions
Chapter 12 -  Multicultural Education teaching methodologies  

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